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Race Results

Philly Youth Regatta

Race Event Rowers Result
#1 Boys Novice Single Taylor Bollin 1st in heat, 2nd overall out of 18.  A young rower coming out of nowhere
#3 Mixed U14 Tyro Eight T. Hayes, J. Van Zandt, M. Moses, A. Hull, S. Weiser, E. Matthews, N. Barnes, C. Cochran, A. Radinsky(cox) 2nd place of 4.  Amazing for our new young rowers!
#8 Boys U14 Tyro Quad E. Hammett, M. Calderon, O. Baumgartner, P.Baumgartner 4th of 4, but they were out fighting for first before catching a crab
#9 Girls U14 Tyro Quad E.Lamason, S.Daniel, G. Parvizi, M. Hull 4th of 4, also had a crab, but were keeping up with much older rowers
#11 Girls Cadet Four L. McDaniel, C. Waters, A. Hinton, G.McDaniel, E.Radinsky(cox) 2nd of 4 in heat.  Came together despite trouble getting the boats to practice together for the season as much as we hoped.
#12 Boys U17 Colt Double M. Calderon, E. Hammett 6 of 6 in heat.  In and under 17 event these guys had an average age of 13!  When I told them they would have to decide if they wanted to race an older boat they refused not to fight it out!
#13 Girls Cadet Double G. McDaniel, Z. Brown 1st in heat by 20 seconds!
#14 Boys Cadet Double J. Ouwerkerk, J. Theodore 2nd of 6 in heat
#14 Boys Cadet Double T. Rogers, J. Lamason 4 of 6 in heat.  Huge improvement here from where they started and have good momentum moving forward.
#23 Boys Novice Quad T. Bollin, R. Shet, C. Hamilton, P. Baumgartner 4th of 4.  Unfortunately this boat shot out in the lead but a crab stopped the boat at the very end of the race.  
#24 Boys Cadet Single J. Lamason 5 of 6.  Big battle between Jake and 4th place
#24 Boys Cadet Single J. Ouwerkerk 3 out of 6 in heat.  This was a tough event and a tough heat.
#25 Girls Cadet Single L. McDaniel 3 of 5 in heat.  This was another very tough event with some of the strongest single rowers in the country.  
#25 Girls Cadet Single C. Waters 1st in heat, 6th place overall out of 31.  Last year at the same race she came in 16 out of 38!
#25 Girls Cadet Single Z. Brown 1st in heat, 2nd overall out of 31.  She was 2nd by just about .6 seconds!
#28 Mixed Cadet Double A. Hinton, J. Theodore 5 of 6 coming coming off of a sickness in a tight event.  
#30 Girls U17 Colt Quad E. Lamason, C. Davis, S. Jones, A. Wilson 3 of 5 in their heat.  Huge improvement in speed from a few weeks ago.

Head of the Occoquan

Here is one: 

Ta'Niya McCoy and Jasirah Abdurrahman, stabilizing the boat as bow pair, jumped into our mixed eight with mostly middle school rowers (Marcos is only 11 years old) and helped them row a spectacular race, at a smooth, solid, strong 29 (no rush) and beat three boats of mostly adult rowers, finishing 19th of 22! Thank you to two of our unsung heroes!!! 
The Women's Youth Eight: 
5th out of 30, earning a medal. Believe it or not, this boat of talented girls was not very happy with their race -- rate too high, not much "set", forced to start the race from a dead start  (oy vey!) -- and still our best finish ever at the Occoquan against monster boats!!! These kids (Gabby, Morgan, Amaris, Cassie, Shane, Zulaika, Laura, Julia, Anaya) know how to move a boat, even when things don't go right! Then again, they practiced only ONCE together.
The Men's Quad:
Young and strong, Doug, Wilson, John and Jules, 3rd out of 7, rowed a beautiful, smooth 29 and came home with snappy medals. So much improvement in one season.
Our team as a whole:
Unbelievable progress this fall. Everyone can be great at this sport if they put in the mental and physical dedication. Our spring coaching staff is busting with new talent and we are eager to make Spring 2017 the best ever. More on winter training soon.
Head of the Charles
8th out of 25!!! Congrats to Zulaika, Gabby, Shane, Julia and coxswain Anaya, who were magical all fall;
Congrats to:
Cassie and Laura (2X), 21st out of 39
Morgan, 17 out of 25
Amaris, 23 out of 25 (her boat filled with water at Weeks Bridge as it overlapped with waves!)
Notable finishes at Navy Day Regatta
2nd out of 24: Cassie/Laura, Women's Youth 2X
6th out of 22: Zulaika, Gabby, Shane, Julia, Anaya, Women's Youth 4X (the only entry with a coxed 4X....that's an extra 120 lbs. in the bow in preparation for HOCR. Wow!)
7th out of 16: Amaris, Women's Youth 1X
10th out of 16: Morgan, Women's Youth 1X
11th out of 21: John/Jules, Men's Youth 2X

Fall Race season


Head of the Christina

* Cassie Waters/Laura McDaniel: Women's Youth 2X: FIRST PLACE
* Morgan Doak: Women's Youth 1X: FIRST PLACE
* Amaris Hinton: Women's Youth 1X: 2ND PLACE
* Doug Barrett/Wilson Moorer/Jake lamason/Andrew Flynn: Men's Youth JV4X: 2ND PLACE


Racing Results (highlights) on Saturday, July 23rd:
Jr. 18 Girls Double: 3rd place (out of 42): Cassie Waters/Laura McDaniel (medals)
Jr. 18 Girls Double: 6th place (out of 42): Morgan Doak/Shane Devine
Jr. 16 Girls Single: 4th place (out of 24): Zulaika Brown (missed a medal by less than one second)
Jr. 16 Girls Single: 5th Place (out of 24): Amaris Hinton (.4 seconds behind Zulaika)
Jr. 16 Girls Double: 4th place (out of 30): Amaris/Zulaika (.8 seconds away from medals)
Jr. 16 Boys Double: 20th (out of 42): Jake Lamason/Jules Ouwerkerk
Novice Boys Quad: 2nd (out of 5): Dylan Chainey/Jules/Jamel Rogers/Ethan Hammett (7th grader!) (medals)
U14 Mixed 8+: 2nd place, all but one was Camp WATERS middle school camper (medals)


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