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General Information


1. Don’t be afraid of the time commitment for practice – it develops discipline and time
management – shower, dinner, homework, not much time for anything else.

2. Share your email address with Judd and other coaches.

Always text a coach if you will be a few mintutes late to practice, 

need to go home sick from school or an emergency comes up.  

3. Practices and regattas NOT optional. Boating is determined in
advance and is based on age/grade/skill level. If your student has a last minute cancelation, there
may not be an eligible replacement, which may cause teammates to forfeit their event.

4. Invest in two nice pair of black spandex pants (full length and knee length) and spandex shirts
(long sleeve and short sleeve) while waiting to purchase the team uniform. These do not have to
be Under Armour (Walmart/JC Penny). Techware dries quickly and is warmer than you might
think. Team provides shirts for races until you are ready to invest in uniform.

5. Be prepared to practice and race in all weather, including rain. Waterproof jacket with hood is a
plus. We can supply some tech gear if you speak up and have a need. 

6. Your student should have a gym bag with the following items: sunscreen/change of clothes
(including socks and undergarments)/towel/hat or sun visor/water bottle/sun
glasses/gloves/hand warmers.

7. If your child isn’t accustomed to eating fruits and veggies or drinking lots of water, rowing will
change that. Support your child as they begin to transition to healthier eating habits. Sodas,
chips, sweets will become occasional treats rather than daily requirements.


Home and Out-of- State Regattas (Races)


1. List regatta dates on your home calendar to avoid conflicts. Try to attend as many as you
can. The kids enjoy the encouragement from their families.

2. Home regattas require assistance from all families. Be prepared to contribute food for the
team table and at least 4 hours of your day.

3. Out-of- state regattas are all day events. Plan to travel 4 hours before the race so that your
child is at the race location at least 2 hours before their event. This is very important.

4. Consider being a parent chaperone. You will develop relationships with the other parents
and will acquire a greater appreciation for the sport. The coaches need help keeping the
kids organized and managing the food table.

5. Parents who travel with the team will need: comfortable shoes, a fold up chair, binoculars
if you have them and their own bag with some of the same items as the rowers. You
might have to change clothes too.

6. Be mindful of the items your child brings to weekend events. If you don’t travel with the
team, clothing, shoes, electronic devices will be left behind. This happens all the time.

7. Rowers are not released for the evening until all equipment has been returned to the
boathouse. Even if you drive your student to their race and return home early – you must
report back to the boathouse to help unpack.





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