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Current Rowers

How You Become a Top Rower

Rowing is a meritocracy. You earn your seat by demonstrating strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, superior technical skill, erg score times, boat-moving abilities (not the same as erg scores) and a coachable attitude that matches well with the many combinations of potential athletes. When you are able to put this together, and train over a period of time together it makes for fast outcomes. Coaches use these and other criteria to rank and boat athletes. Rowing is not, however, always fair. Tall, strong, flexible, smart athletes sometimes come by their traits naturally. Others must work to overcome limitations through additional training, determination, superior technique, and study. High level finishes at the high school, collegiate and Olympic levels come through single minded dedication.



Rowing gear for practices/regattas includes spandex shorts, tech shirt/tank top, long sleeve shirt, close-fitting windbreaker, sneakers, flipflops (for the boat), socks, sunscreen, sunglasses, baseball cap, change of clothing, and a personally labeled water bottle.

Rower Policies


  1. Swimming competence is required:  Every rower must certify that they can swim 50 M, tread water for 4 minutes, and putting on a life jacket while treading water.
  2. Attendance at all practices and regattas is required. Any absence must be reported by text or cell phone to the coaches ahead of time. 
  3. Excused absences are for illness, family emergency or religious holidays. Academic issues should be discussed with the coaches separately because we expect good time management in order to balance both school and rowing.
  4. Three (3) unexcused absences are grounds for dismissal from the team. An unexcused absence is an unreported absence or one that falls outside the excused guidelines. Athletes are responsible for making up workouts, coaches’ discretion.
  5. Absences of any kind exceeding 10% of the season may make an athlete ineligible to race.
  6. Drinking, smoking, or use of illegal drugs will not be allowed.  Any instance of doing so or heavy suspicion will result in you being asked to leave immediately.  Using of any illegal substances will also lead to suspension or expultion from the program.  Medical conditions related to the matter must be reported upfront before the start of the season.
  7. Rowers must satisfactorily complete erg tests, including 2Ks and 5/6Ks (along with any other metric for gauging fitness) in order to be boated for racing.
  8. Practice starts promptly at 4:30 pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 10:00 am – noon Saturdays, until regattas begin. Rowers should be ready ahead of time in rowing gear, noted on website, in order to start practice on time or risk doing a land workout. Excessive tardiness may be grounds for dismissal from the team.
  9. School holidays (spring break, fall break, etc.) are not holidays for BRC. Rowers are expected to come to practice even when their school is not in session.
  10. PARENTS: Please schedule doctor/dentist appointments around rowing practices and the race schedule. Do NOT risk your child’s position on the team by having them run errands, pick up younger siblings or engage in other jobs for you during the rowing season.
  11. Respect is a hallmark of a rowing community. We expect respectful behavior and language  toward teammates, coaches, club members, parents, city employees, visitors – in short, toward everyone at home and while traveling. We also expect respectful care and handling of all equipment.
  12. You may not leave practice until dismissed by your coach.  If you do not check out you will be in charge on making sure all equipment is properly stored and put away for the next week.  This includes properly putting away oars, coxboxes, and any other item specified on the end of day check list.
  13. Registration payment is due by the end of the first week of the season unless otherwise specified with the director. After the first week, rowers may not attend practice until registration and payments, including outstanding previous season fees, are complete.
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